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Last modified on 4/30/2015 3:00 PM by User.

Updating Java - Windows Edition

It is always recommended the user has the most up-to-date version of Java. It can solve many issues that cannot be solved by clearing the java cache.

Instructions - Please open your web browser before proceeding. (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)


1. Once your web browser is operation, please put in the address bar (As shown in the picture below).



2. Once the front page of java has loaded, please proceed to click on the "Free Java download" button (Highlighted in light-blue in the picture below.)




3. You will be lead to another page. Click "Agree and Start Free Download". (Highlighted in light-blue in the picture below.)



4. Next you will be prompted to either to save the file or run the file. Please select run. If you are using Mozzila Firefox or Chrome, your download will automatically begin. After it has finished downloading, please run it.



5. Once the installer begins to run, please select install. (Highlighted in light-blue on the picture below).



6. You are now done. Please select close!