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Student User Guide




HelpNow User Guide

What is Brainfuse?
Brainfuse is based in NYC, and for over a decade, has developed and provided virtual learning solutions for schools, libraries, colleges, and universities.  Our philosophy is anchored in adherence to high standards and user-centered technology to build a better educational experience for learners of diverse backgrounds.  Brainfuse helps students and job seekers reach their goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors and job coaches anytime, anywhere.  Users can also initiate and organize online meetings for peer-to-peer learning. The Brainfuse learning platform gives power to students to manage their learning outcomes better by seamlessly integrating with the latest online technology. 

Who are your tutors?
Brainfuse tutors are screened, trained, and managed directly by Brainfuse. Our tutors are recruited from a diverse tutoring pool and include a mix of professional tutors, retired instructors, graduate students and college faculty members. Only tutors with proven backgrounds in tutoring/teaching in their respective fields are hired by Brainfuse. Over 80% of tutors have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their field.
Brainfuse regularly reviews and updates its tutor recruitment, training and monitoring procedures to provide the highest possible online tutoring experience for students. We have a unique, live monitoring system where the tutor interaction with students is reviewed by a live monitor and immediate feedback is given for an ongoing professional development.

How do I get started?

Many colleges and universities make Brainfuse available through their Learning Management System, e.g. BlackBoard, Moodle, Canvas etc. You should check with your institution to find out the exact location of the Brainfuse link.

System Requirements

·  Windows 95 and above
·  Active Internet connection

·  Mac OS X and above
·  Active Internet connection

Brainfuse Technical Support

Send an email to or call toll-free at 1-866-272-4638, Ext. 510.

Brainfuse HelpNow

Personalized eLearning
Brainfuse HelpNow is an all-in-one suite of tutoring services designed for a wide range of academic needs - whether it’s tackling a tough classwork problem, mastering a particular topic, or writing a paper. HelpNow services include expert academic tutoring and self-study tools to empower users to study at their own pace or collaborate with peers and instructors.  Students access live, on-demand academic help from expert tutors and skills-building lessons, videos and practice tests for further study. With HelpNow, students exercise their learning options for a better classroom performance.

v  Expert Help
      Experience personalized eLearning by connecting with a live tutor
      Live Tutoring: Receive live tutoring from a Brainfuse tutor.
      Writing Lab: Brainfuse writing tutors help students become better writers by providing constructive feedback.
      SkillSurfer: Brainfuse skills building center helps students review key concepts or a skill through multimedia learning modules.
      Send Question: Submit questions asynchronously and a tutor will generally respond within 24 hours.
      Language Lab: Receive live online help with their Spanish language homework from our fluent Spanish-speaking tutors.

v  Study
      Powerful self-assessment and online learning tools
      LEAP Learning Platform: Diagnostic test center with detailed study plans, lessons and live tutoring.
      FlashBulb: Users can access and create interactive learning games, quizzes and flashcards.
      eParachute: Use eParachute to discover your strengths and unique talents to map out your future career.

v  Collaborate
      Form study groups, hold virtual office hours, work on class projects, and share knowledge with peers and instructors
      Meet: Schedule a live study group session with friends and instructors. Attendees need not be Brainfuse users and receive the in their email inbox.
      Brainwave:  Record movie-like whiteboard sessions to store solutions to homework problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing.

Live Tutoring
Students submit a question in our online classroom and receive live, one-on-one assistance from a Brainfuse tutor.

Select Topic
First, select the general topic. (i.e. Business)

Select Subject
Then, select the subject area under this topic that you would like to receive tutoring for. (i.e. Business -> Accounting)

Finally, press Connect and a live tutor will be with you shortly to assist you!


How to use the Whiteboard
The whiteboard area is on the left side. You can use your mouse to draw or the text tool to type on the whiteboard. Any images uploaded will appear on the whiteboard as well. Use the chat box on the right side to converse with your tutor. Type your message in the Chat Input Field to send your message.

Whiteboard Tools (from left to right)

      PEN: Write/draw with your mouse
      ERASER: Erase
      TEXT TOOL: Click on the Whiteboard to start typing. Also expands to:

                        SUPERSCRIPT: Changes text into superscript
                        SUBSCRIPT: Changes text into subscript
                        PASTE: Paste text onto the Whiteboard
                       FONT: Change your font style and font size
                        SCIENCE SYMBOLS: Enter a scientific symbol
      EQUATION EDITOR: Click on the Whiteboard and you can type mathematical equations, functions, and symbols in the available box.  Press Enter to make the expression appear on the Whiteboard.

      LINE: Draw a straight line
      SHAPES: Select a shape from the menu to draw it on the Whiteboard

      NUMBER LINES and GRAPHS: Select MIN, MAX and INTERVAL MODE to adjust the minimum, maximum and interval values

      COLOR PALETTE: Select from the menu to change pen/text color
      UNDO: Undo the last action
      CLEAR: Clears the entire Whiteboard

How to Take a Screenshot

·  Press ALT + PrtScn.

·  Press Command + Shift + 3.
You may then copy (Ctrl + C / Command ⌘ + C) paste the screenshot onto the Whiteboard using the  Paste button.

How to Upload an Image

      UPLOAD: Click on the Upload button (bottom left of the Chat Box).

When this menu appears, select File Upload.
You can also upload from your Cloudpack if you have already stored documents or images there.

Then, click on Browse and search for the image in your computer and press OK.

When your image finishes uploading, drag the image onto the Whiteboard to share it with your tutor.

Skillsurfer is a collection of lessons, videos and practice tests in many core subjects. Click on the Skillsurfer from the HelpNow homepage as shown below. Select a subject or a test. Each subject is divided into subcategories. Choose a subcategory to view the multimedia content.

Writing Lab & Send Question

Brainfuse HelpNow is the first service of its kind to offer live and offline writing assistance:

The Writing Lab and the Send Question options give users the freedom to receive assistance at any time of the without the need to connect to a live tutor. Users can submit papers through the Writing Lab for a detailed feedback. Brainfuse writing tutors will return the paper with detailed, constructive comments usually within 24 hours. The purpose of our writing service is not to re-write or edit papers for students but to serve as a sounding board to help students better organize and present their thoughts. Brainfuse writing experts are trained to guide you in your writing, focusing on voice, word choice, grammar, content, sentence variety, and organization.

Send Question option is for non-writing assignments such as math or science.  All reviews and comments from our tutors are found and stored in the Message Center which is found on the student homepage.

Personalized Account Features

•   My Past Sessions shows all past tutoring sessions so that the student can replay and review the tutoring session.
•   My Message Center shows a record of all questions/papers sent to the Writing Lab/Send Question and received from Brainfuse tutors.
•   My Tests shows all practice tests taken, along with the scores and the tests can be retaken from this page.
•   My Calendar shows any scheduled Meet sessions (please note that the Meet sessions are not with Brainfuse tutors.
•   My Brainwaves shows all of the Brainwaves created by the student.
•   My CloudPack allows the student to create files or upload images, links, documents and load them onto the whiteboard later in a live tutoring session with a Brainfuse tutor.