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Screen Shot - Windows Edition

Many  issues that users often send are not very detailed. It is best to send a screenshot when something is not clear.  

Instructions - Please have the item you want to share open prior to the steps below.


1.     Press “Print Screen” (Can also be labeled “Prnt Scrn”) on the keyboard. (Highlighted in red on the picture below.


2.   You now have to paste the copy imaged either to a document or as an image. The preference is yours.

Choosing your program.

  • Paint - Saving it as a Image - Please open paint. (Paint can be found by typing "Paint" in the search bar of windows start menu or by going to "Start> Accessories> Paint " in all versions of windows.)


  • Microsoft Word - Saving it as a document file - (This only works if you have microsoft office or word installed.) Please open "Microsoft office word" By either searching Word or by going to "Start> Microsoft Office> Microsoft office word".



3.   Once the application is open and ready to go. Press CTRL + V at the same time. (Highlighted in red in the picture below. You only need to click one of the ctrl keys.)


This should paste the image onto the document or inside paint.



4.   Once the item has been pasted, please save the file.

If you used Paint, please save the file as a jpeg.

If you used Microsoft Office word, please save the file as a .doc.


Once you have saved the file. Please email it as an attachment to the email provided.