How to Add FlashBulb to D2L
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How to Add FlashBulb to D2L

1 How to add Course Content from Brainfuse

  1. Login to your faculty account on D2L, then navigate to any course associated with Brainfuse QuickLink. Click on the Course Content for Brainfuse, then 'Add Existing Activities', then the Link to Brainfuse.

  2. This action opens a pop up but it might not be the case for your LMS. At the moment of writing Brainfuse only supports adding Flashbulb Contents. Also Depending on your LMS settings, it might be restricted to add only one link at a time.

  3. You can copy paste the link into the text area then click 'add'. After that it should appear on top under 'Selected Items'. You can continue to add more or click 'Complete' to finish. Please see next step on how to gather Flashbulb links.

  4. To find Flashbulb links, you can open another window or tab and login to brainfuse home page, and click on 'FlashBulb'.

  5. Navigate to the card you'd like to add, then hover over the 'Share' button, and the then 'More'. Copy the URL under the flashcard name. Then you can paste this URL back to the Selector pop up in previous step. Continue to find other cards until you are finished.

  6. After clicking complete button, you should see the new links appended to your course