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Audio & Desktop Sharing – Common Questions

1. Do clients expect tutors to use the audio or screen sharing feature?  Can tutors request to only use one feature?  
Brainfuse continues to innovate and provide features as requested by clients to assist users in a way that matches their needs.  Tutors who cannot accommodate student or client requests to use either feature will be able to continue assisting users.  However, clients may not want tutors unable to accommodate either feature working with their users, which may impact scheduling or student traffic. Clients expect tutors to know how to use the Brainfuse whiteboard, including the screen sharing feature. Tutors should not assume that all Brainfuse users have access to audio or screen sharing features.
2. Are these features enabled for student overflow sessions?
These features are not enabled for student overflows. Tutors will connect with 1 audio user at a time with no overflows. If a tutor is working with a student via audio, there will be no overflow users.
3. Does audio require a special phone plan? How will audio sessions connect? Will the student see a tutor’s personal number?   
The audio feature requested by clients and developed by Brainfuse connects the tutor and the student to a local, toll-free audio conference room.  No special phone plans are needed.
When a student requests audio, the tutor simply calls the local, toll-free conference number that appears in the pop-up window and enters the access code (and pin, if applicable). This will connect the tutor to the student in a private, secure, and toll-free conference room.  
The tutor’s number will not be viewable to the student; likewise, the student’s number will not be available to the tutor.  All audio sessions are recorded and accessible to tutors and users via the “My Past Sessions” option in their accounts.  Audio sessions (along with chat logs and session playbacks) are reviewed to ensure appropriate communication between tutors and users.  
4. Is there an updated QC that needs to be installed?  
The Brainfuse QuickConnect will automatically prompt tutors of an available update.  Tutors are encouraged to maintain an up-to-date QuickConnect by installing updates when prompted by QuickConnect.
5. When will the features be activated in tutor and Brainfuse user accounts?  
Tutors may begin to receive student requests to use either feature during the next month.  However, the number of users requesting to use either feature may vary depending on student interest.
For additional information about the audio and screen sharing features available in the Whiteboard, the following video may be helpful: