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Online Tutoring Guide












PART 1.  Guide to the Brainfuse Online Platform



What is Brainfuse?

Brainfuse develops and provides virtual learning solutions for schools, colleges, universities, libraries, government agencies, and individual subscribers. Our philosophy is anchored on adherence to high standards and user-centered technology to build a better educational experience for learners of diverse backgrounds.

Brainfuse helps students reach their academic goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors anytime, anywhere. Students can also initiate and organize online meetings for peer-to-peer and instructor-led learning. Brainfuse learning platform gives power to students, instructors and administrators to manage outcomes better by streamlining the latest virtual learning technology



How Do I Get Started?

If you haven’t already, please send your resume and other relevant qualifications to All tutors are freelancers and independent contractors and Brainfuse relays client expectations to the tutors who freelance with Brainfuse. In this tutor information booklet, the terms “client,” “student,” and “user” are interchangeable and all refer to Brainfuse customers/users.

Brainfuse will get back to you with the next steps if there is a match between your skills and our client needs. If there appears to be a match, you will be asked to complete an application and provide a proof of education. You will then be sent an email with a username and password for your tutoring account. From there, you will be asked to complete proficiency quizzes and additional paperwork.

Our clients expect tutors to be capable enough in their subject matter not only to solve most problems that students have, but also be able to explain it in a manner beneficial to the student’s learning. It is widely accepted online tutoring standard for tutors to guide the student and provide useful information without giving out the answers.

Brainfuse provides Live Tutoring as well as asynchronous Writing/Question Submission reviews. Tutors have the choice to do either or a combination of both! Scheduling is flexible and is built around your availability. You can have a set schedule, pick up Instant Staffing sessions when you are not scheduled, or both.



Tutor Homepage


Once you receive your login information, go to and click on the Login icon. 

On the very top, you will also see an envelope icon and a clipboard icon. Click on the envelope and you will see 3 tabs: Inbox, Tasks, Outgoing Tasks. The clipboard icon serves the same function as the envelope icon.

  • Inbox is generally not used.
  • Tasks is where you would see student questions, essays, or resumes that you are screened to provide feedback, comments, proofreading, or step-by-step explanation. Brainfuse users expect tutors to follow the templates and guidelines for providing feedback on student questions, essays, or resumes. When you see a task assignment and accept it, Brainfuse users expect the tutor to complete the student submission.
  • Outgoing Tasks is not a feature that is used by tutors at this time.

You will also see the following menu icons on top: Home, My Schedule, Personal, Message Center, and Miscellaneous.


My Schedule opens up 3 menu options: My Calendar, My Preferred Schedule, and My Tentative Sessions.

  • My Calendar:

You can change your time zone from this page. You can also view your full schedule by clicking on View All Schedule icon on the bottom. You can also choose the date for which you want to see your schedule.

IA means Instant Access and you are scheduled for a block of time where you get random students with homework questions. Some IA students may log on even though they do not have homework, but they want to brush up on their math skills for instance.

PA means Pre-Arranged and you are scheduled usually for an hour or two with the same student on a regular basis. In IA sessions, you can also right-click on the student's username to see if he/she has taken any tests but unlike a PA session, you will not get the same student on a regular basis.

IA tutors also have the option of picking up sessions through Instant Staffing. Instant Staffing allows unscheduled tutors to pick up sessions.  Let’s say you are not scheduled on Sunday evenings, but you are available. You can pick up Instant Staffing sessions by simply logging into your QC/tutor Whiteboard and letting it run on your computer while you do other work online.  You can also minimize the QC/tutor Whiteboard while you wait or do other work.  Once you accept an Instant Staffing request, you will be immediately routed to the student.

  • My Preferred Schedule: In order to be scheduled for tutoring sessions, tutors must enter their tutoring availability schedule in their tutor account. Please visit the following link for information on setting and updating your tutor availability: If you have scheduling issues or questions, you can reach out to
  • My Tentative Sessions: We are not using this feature at this time.


Personal opens up 2 menu options: My Account and My Timesheet

  • My Account is where you can view and edit your personal information including your payroll information. If you move, in order for payment to be processed without delay, tutors need to update the address and other information immediately. If you change your bank and you opted for direct deposit, then you need to notify our payroll department at
  • My Timesheet is where you can view your timesheet. If you have questions about your pay, send an email to with your username and a brief description of the issue.  Calling the office will only delay the payment process although if our payroll dept does not respond within 3-4 business days by email, you can call 1-866-BRAINFUSE and leave voicemail at Extension 513 or 519.



Message Center opens up 2 menu options: My Inbox and My Brainshare.

  • My Inbox is the same as the envelope and clipboard icons found on top of the homepage.
  • My Brainshare is where you or the student can exchange documents in real time. Clicking on the Brainshare button opens a pop-up window that allows the student to browse and send a document to the tutor in real time. Whatever the student sends or the tutor sends to the student is stored in the My Brainshare page. Both students and tutors can access My Brainshare through their Whiteboards or through their homepages. On the tutor Whiteboard, My Brainshare is found under the Favorites menu. Students can use Brainshare, even if they are not registered with Brainfuse.
    • Brainfuse users can view documents sent to their tutors under the student Message Center including documents sent to the tutor during a live tutoring session. Brainfuse users can create a Brainfuse username by clicking on Login from the student homepage.
    • If a student asks for help reviewing a paper during a live session, it is part of industry standards to review as much as possible with the student to find common errors. Use Brainshare/File Share, or have the student post a part of the paper onto the White board.
    • When you send documents to students, whether it be through Brainshare, the Writing Lab, or Send Question, be careful with how you name the file.  Our system doesn't recognize most symbols, meaning that the paper will not open for the student.  Please stick to numbers and letters when naming documents to send to students. 
    • If the student says that the Brainshare icon or File Share (paper clip on HTML 5 WB) is not opening, then ask the student to turn off their pop-up blocker and to check his/her computer/web browser settings. 



Miscellaneous opens up My Subjects, My Session Logs, My Students, My Tests, My Curriculum, and the Download Center.

  • Download Center is where you download our virtual classroom. 



Tutor Whiteboard



For live tutoring, Brainfuse uses a virtual Whiteboard platform to communicate with users. In order to download the software, please visit and use your username and password to sign in. Then, click on the “Miscellaneous” option at the top.  Within the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Download Center”. Click on the appropriate link based on your operating system and follow the on-screen directions to install.

Once you have downloaded the Quick Connect (QC) software, you can then open it and view the Practice Whiteboard. If you log in during a time you are scheduled, you will also be given an option to enter your scheduled session.

System Requirements



Mac OS X

Brainfuse also works with Fujitsu Lifebook P1610, mini notebook; Fujitsu Lifebook model T580 or T730; Wacom Bamboo Tablet; DigiPro 4" x 3" Drawing Tablet Model No. WP4030.; and Trust TB-6300 Slimline tablet with pen.

Brainfuse’s QuickConnect, for live tutoring, does not work with ChromeBooks.


The Brainfuse system works with:

  • Internet Explorer version 6 and above
  • Firefox version 2 or above
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 2 or above

Troubleshooting Tips

Download the latest Java if experiencing issues.

Use another web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Whenever possible, send TechSupport Report from the Tutor QC as this helps us identify the issue more quickly than an email.





> WB Tabs – Depending on the student traffic, you will hear a cuckoo sound and see another WB tab on the upper right corner showing another student. It is widely accepted industry standard to greet the extra student quickly. To use our system, your speaker volume must be up on your computer at all times. You can also create multiple boards for the same student (click on New Board as shown above), as well as stretch the board horizontally and vertically (just type something at the bottom of the whiteboard until the whiteboard expands).


  Select – This is the default state. It lets you use the selected function from the tools on the left side. This function is only available on the Practice Whiteboard.



  Move – This allows you to move a certain object such as a shape or a grid. This function is only available on the Practice Whiteboard.


   Whiteboard Mode – This is the standard mode. Click on this after using Web Share or PowerPoint.


  Web Share - Click on this icon to go back to the HTML format after you clicked on the MARK-UP icon. This icon will be enabled after you load a lesson from CloudPack.


   PowerPoint - Power Point icon for Power Point slides.  All of our lessons are in HTML or SAV, so this feature is rarely used. This icon will be enabled after you load a PowerPoint from CloudPack.


  Markup - Click on this icon to write on the lessons loaded onto the Whiteboard.  Most lessons in HTML format and you need to click on the Mark-Up button to write on the lesson.


  CloudPack – Browse and upload lessons from Brainfuse server.  Also allows tutor to upload their own files onto the cloud server.


   Session Notes - Click on this icon if you have been instructed by Brainfuse administrators to view specific instructions regarding the session/student and also to upload any assigned lessons specific to that session/student.


   Notifications – Used for specific sessions.


   Print Whiteboard – Prints what is on the Whiteboard.


   Brainshare – Allows students and tutors to exchange files. Clicking on this allows you to send files and view what files have been sent to you by the student.


  Email Transcript – Allows the student and tutor to email the transcript of the session to their email account.


   Author/Slide Screen Mode – Used for creating lessons in the Practice Whiteboard.


   Pencil – Drawing/free writing.


   Eraser – Erases what you want on the board.


   Text – Allows you to type text on the Whiteboard.


   Font – Changes the font style and size of the text.


   Colors – Changes the colors of the text, shape, and other objects.


   Paste – Allows you to paste what have copied from elsewhere.


   Lines – Allows you to draw lines.


   Number line and Graph – Allows you to create a number line or a coordinate graph. Double clicking on the icon allows you to change the properties of said icon.




    Shapes/Symbols – Allows you to draw selected shape/symbol.


    Undo – Undoes the previous step.


   Math Equation Editor – Allows you to print math symbols and functions on the Whiteboard. Select the Text icon and click on the Whiteboard where you want the expression to be, then click the Math button to display the Editor. You can use the available symbols and menus to print a variety of problems directly on the screen. If you’re familiar with LaTeX code, you can type out the expressions using the LaTeX Editor.





The Student Whiteboard also has an Equation Editor. It looks slightly different than the tutor’s. 


   Science Symbols – Allows you to draw the selected symbol commonly used in science texts.


   Superscript – Allows you to write superscripts. Click on the text icon to return to normal text writing.

   Subscripts – Allows you to write subscripts. Click on the text icon to return to normal text writing.


   Clear Whiteboard – Clears the entire Whiteboard.


      Scroll Lock – Synchronizes the student’s Whiteboard view to your Whiteboard view. Default mode is “On.”


     Capture Screen – Creates an image of what is on the Whiteboard. A link to the image is then posted in the chat box.



Audio and Screen Sharing Features

Brainfuse supports audio and screen sharing capabilities during tutoring sessions. Please note that these features are enabled for select accounts. If the user does not see the audio icon or if the screen share option is unavailable, the feature may not be enabled for the user. If this is the case, you may notify the user of the following:


The feature is available and supported by Brainfuse! However, the feature is not yet enabled for your account. For additional information, please email


To use the Audio feature:


1.     Please see the Tutor Audio Guide for guidance on using audio during a live tutoring session. The guide may also be found through the following link:




2.     Audio is selected by the user prior to entering a live tutoring session. Users initiate audio through a phone icon located at the top of the chat box.


a.     If the phone icon is not available for the user, it means the user did not select audio as a preference prior to entering a live tutoring session.


                                  i.    If this occurs, you may ask the user to exit the session in order to select an audio tutoring session.


b.     If the phone icon is not available for the user and the user does not have an audio preference option prior to entering a live tutoring session, it means the feature is not enabled for the account yet. If the user asks and the feature is not enabled, you can notify the user of the following:


                            i.    Audio is available and supported by Brainfuse! However, the feature is not yet enabled for your account. For additional information, please email


To use the Screen Sharing feature:


1.     Please see the Tutor Desktop Sharing Guide for guidance on initiating screen sharing during a live tutoring session. The guide may also be found through the following link:




2.     Screen Sharing is initiated by the tutor after the feature is requested by the user.


a.     If the “Start Desktop Sharing” option is not available when you right click the user’s name in the participant box, it means the feature is not enabled for the user yet. If the user asks and the feature is not enabled, you can notify the user of the following:


                                   i.    Screen Sharing is available and supported by Brainfuse! However, the feature is not yet enabled for your account. For additional information, please email


For your convenience, a link to several common questions about the audio and screen sharing features of the whiteboard is below:





Tutor Whiteboard & Using Brainfuse


#1  What is instant staffing?  

If you are not scheduled, you can log into Quick Connect to pick up any available sessions with clients. If a tutor is needed, you will see a pop-up that asks you whether you want to accept a session.


#2  How does Brainshare/live file sharing work?

Brainshare allows clients to exchange documents with tutors in real time.  Clients can upload documents by clicking on the Brainshare button.  Clients and tutors can also exchange documents using CloudPack, which allows clients to upload directly onto the whiteboard.


#3  How do I contact the live project facilitator?

From the QuickConnect, click on Tools from the top, Contact > Session Monitor.

Facilitators are only available between 2 pm – 1 am ET (3 pm on weekends).  No facilitators before 2 pm ET.


#4  How do I upload lessons that I want to use onto the whiteboard? 

Click on CloudPack explorer  button on the whiteboard.



The first button is the HTML icon, and the second is the MARK UP button. Some lessons are in HTML format, so you cannot write on them/interact with them on the White Board. In order to be able to, please click the Mark Up button. To switch back, click the other icon.


**Student whiteboard is not the same as tutor whiteboard; certain buttons/features not located in the same exact location)


#1  Tutors do not have direct access to the Brainfuse practice tests.  Tutors can review any Brainfuse practice test that a Brainfuse user has already taken by right-clicking on the user’s Brainfuse username and choosing the “Who Is” link.


#2  Is there a difference between the tutor and the user whiteboards?  

The tutor whiteboard has the tools menu at the top and more buttons (clients cannot access lessons, etc.). CloudPack is different for both whiteboards. User whiteboard is web-based and is not the same as the tutor whiteboard which is software based.  Brainfuse users for instance do not have the Mark-Up button so if you decide to load a lesson onto the whiteboard, be sure to click on the Mark-Up button so that the user can write on the board. The links below lead to the different Brainfuse Whiteboards.


Tutor Whiteboard

Student Whiteboard  (JAVA version)

HTML5 Whiteboard  (Student Whiteboard; there is no tutor version of the HTML 5 WB at this time)


For more information about the Student Whiteboards, please visit the following page:


#3  What should I do about Brainfuse users who ask non-tutoring questions?

You should make note of their username and questions. Send this information to after your session is done. We recommend that you not address questions about Brainfuse access hours as they vary by client.


#4  What do Brainfuse users see when they use Brainfuse?

Please visit the following link for information on Brainfuse User Interfaces:


#5  How do I contact Brainfuse? 

-          For tutor payment issues, email

-          For scheduling issues, email

-          For technical issues, email

-          For other issues, including questions about client complaints, email


Wrap Up Time

The “Wrap Up” feature allows tutors working with a student to stop accepting new students 15 minutes before their shift ends. Attempting to enable “Wrap Up” before this time will result in an error message. When selected, a red “Wrap Up” label will appear and tutors will not be assigned new students. To disable, simply click on the menu option again and the label will disappear. Tutors not working with a student can “Wrap Up”

5 minutes before their shift ends.