Student Whiteboard
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Student Whiteboard

JAVA Student Whiteboard


HTML Student Whiteboard

Please note the following differences on the HTML5 Whiteboard:
1) The drawing and writing tools are on the BOTTOM of the window. The chat box is on the right. 
2) FONT, SUPERSCRIPT, and SUBSCRIPT are hidden under the TEXT button. Simply click the “T” and a menu will open, showing FONT, SUPERSCRIPT, SUBSCRIPT.
3) Some math symbols are under the SHAPES button (such as SQUARE ROOT, SIGMA, INTEGRAL, PARENTHESES, BRACKETS). The NUMBER LINE and X/Y GRID are also under the SHAPES button menu.
4) The MATH and SCI buttons also don’t appear in the HTML5 Whiteboard, so students will have limited capabilities when writing complex math or science equations.
5) The UNDO button looks like this:  
6) The CLEAR WHITEBOARD button looks like this: 
7) For students to upload a file, they need to press on the paperclip button on the left of the textbox in the chat area. The UPLOAD button looks like this: