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Brainfuse Tutor Match Guide - Tutors (NEW Spring 22)


Brainfuse Tutor Match Guide: Tutors

Brainfuse Tutor Match provides students the ability to schedule live tutoring sessions with tutors for assistance in their selected subject.  Through Tutor Match, students will connect with tutors using the same Brainfuse Whiteboard used during live tutoring sessions. 

This guide will provide steps and details for tutors to self-register and manage their availability for tutoring.



Quick Links: Use the following links to quickly access the area of the guide you need!

Self-Registration: Create your tutor account.

Setting Your Availability: Enter your availability for students to schedule sessions with you.

Editing Your Availability: Update your availability when changes occur to avoid conflicts.

Accepting Student Requests for Tutoring: Confirm pending student requests for a tutoring session.

Scheduling Sessions with Students: Schedule a 1:1 or group tutoring session with specific students.

Tutoring Students: Enter scheduled tutoring sessions to begin working with students.

Brainfuse Whiteboard: Review the Brainfuse Whiteboard and tutor only features for use during a tutoring session.

Cancelling Accepted Sessions: Cancel a previously scheduled session with a student.

Self-Registration: Tutor Match allows those approved to tutor to create their own tutor accounts by following the steps below.

1.     To self-register, follow the link provided for your self-registration and select “Register as a Tutor” found under the log in option.


2.     Once you select “Register as a Tutor,” you will be able to create your tutor account by entering the requested information. When the required information is entered, select “Next.”


3.     After the account details have been entered, you will be able to select the subjects you are able to tutor. When you identify the subject you want to tutor, select the checkbox next to “English” in the subject’s row. You may select as many subjects as you are able to tutor. If you are able to tutor a subject using a different language (e.g. “Spanish”), select the checkbox next to “Spanish” in the subject’s row.


4.     When you have selected all the subjects you are able to tutor, select “Save” at the bottom of the page.

5.     After selecting “Save,” your tutor account is created and ready to use!

Setting Your Availability: In order to be available to tutor students, tutors must enter their availability in their tutor account; this will allow students to schedule sessions with the tutor through Tutor Match.

1.     To set your availability, log in to Brainfuse using your tutor account credentials (username and password created when Self-Registering above).


2.     From the Brainfuse homepage, select “Add New Session.” You will then see the available session options. To enter your availability for tutoring session, use the “By-Appointment Availability” option.




3.     From the entry page, select the start date/time and the end date/time for your tutoring availability.


4.      Once you have entered your date and time, you may also choose a recurring option.



5.     Once your time and recurring options are set, select “Submit.” After you select “Submit,” your entered availability will be saved. You can view this availability in “My Calendar” as green icons.




Editing Your Availability: Tutor Match allows tutors to change their preferred schedule in the event of a change in availability.

1.     To change your preferred schedule, select “My Calendar” from the “My Schedule” option in the top menu bar from your tutor account.



2.     Select the availability you wish you edit. Your availability will always be listed as a green “By-Appointment” tile.


3.     From the “Edit Schedule” pop-up, you can:

a.     Edit: shorten or lengthen the available time for the selected day

b.     Cancel: remove the availability from your schedule

c.      Copy: copy the entry details to quickly apply the availability to another day.




Accepting Student Requests for Tutoring: Tutor Match allows students to request tutoring sessions during the tutors preferred schedule.  All requests are tentative and require tutor action to accept (or decline) the requested tutoring session.

1.     When a student attempts to schedule a session with you, you will see a “Tentative Session” listed on your tutor homepage. Review the student’s chosen subject, date, and time and then either Accept” or “Deny” the session.


2.     Tentative Sessions and Confirmed Sessions will appear in “My Calendar” found under the “My Schedule” menu option. Tentative Sessions will be listed as light blue, while Confirmed Sessions will be dark blue.


3.     Any Confirmed Session will also appear on your tutor homepage on the day of the session.


Scheduling Sessions with Student(s): Tutor Match also allows tutors to schedule sessions with one or more students. These sessions, once scheduled, are automatically confirmed. To schedule sessions with specific students, follow the steps below.

1.     To schedule a session with a specific student, select “Add New Session” from your tutor home page.



2.     In the Prearranged Sessions box, click “Select” to proceed.



3.    Once you have selected prearranged, enter the session details.


a.     Title: enter a name for the session you are scheduling. This can be the student’s name or the content you expect to cover during the session.

b.    Student(s): select the specific students by clicking “Add” in the box. This will allow tutors to search for currently enrolled students to add to the session.

c.      Checkbox: check the box if you would like to invite multiple students at one time to a private whiteboard with only you. If you invite multiple students and leave this box unchecked, all of the students will be together in a public, group whiteboard.

d.      Subject: enter the subject you intend on assisting the student(s) with during the session.

e.      Notes: this field is optional. Session notes (including topics or questions to cover) may be included here for both tutors and students to view prior to and during the session.

f.       Date & Time: enter the date and time for the session to begin and end.

g.      Recurring: tutors may choose from the recur options to schedule future sessions with the same students at the same time.

h.     When the details are finalized, select “Add Session” to schedule the session. 



4.     Once added, the prearranged session will be automatically approved and added to the calendar for both tutor and student(s). Students and tutors will access these sessions as they do any other scheduled sessions.

Tutoring Students: Tutor Match allows tutors to meet with students using the Brainfuse Whiteboard during a prearranged tutoring session.  To begin your scheduled tutoring shift, follow the steps below.

1.    Prior to your scheduled tutoring shift with a student, log in to your Brainfuse tutor account. Your tutoring sessions scheduled for that day will appear at the top of homepage for easy access.


2.    To begin the scheduled tutoring session, click on the session time noted on the homepage.  This will prompt a pop-up window with the Brainfuse Tutor Whiteboard to appear.  All online tutoring sessions will use this whiteboard.



The Brainfuse Whiteboard: The Brainfuse Whiteboard provides a variety of tools to communicate during a schedule tutoring session.



Whiteboard Tools: The following tools are found on both the tutor and student whiteboards. To take a tour of the whiteboard tools, click  in the upper-left corner of the whiteboard.


   PEN: Write/draw with your mouse

 EDIT: Move items on the whiteboard and resize any uploaded images

   TEXT TOOL: Click on the Whiteboard to start typing.  When you select the text tool, it will reveal the following text options:

                       SUPERSCRIPT: Changes text into superscript

                       SUBSCRIPT: Changes text into subscript

                       PASTE: Paste text onto the Whiteboard

                        FONT: Change your font style and font size


  TYPE EQUATIONS WITH THE EQUATION EDITOR: The equation editor allows you to create mathematical equations, functions, and symbols in the available box.  Click on the desired area of the Whiteboard where you want the equation to appear. When you are finished, click .




 GRAPHING CALCULATOR: The Graphing Calculator allows you to create graphs and visualize functions. Click on the desired area of the Whiteboard where you want the graph to appear. When you are finished, select 



  SHAPES: Select a shape from the menu to draw it on the Whiteboard



                                                                                          to adjust the minimum, maximum and interval values


  STRAIGHT LINE: Draw a straight line on the Whiteboard

   ERASER: Erase items from the Whiteboard



TOOL CUSTOMIZATIONS: Use the following options to customize the whiteboard tools to your preferences.      

   COLOR PALETTE: Select from the menu to change pen/text color


  UNDO: Undo the last action

 REDO: Redo the last undo action

   CLEAR: Clears the entire Whiteboard



SIZE OPTIONS: Change the size of the pencil or eraser


UNIQUE WORKSPACES: Use the following options to change the workspace during a live tutoring session.      

 WHITEBOARD : This is the default workspace. Use this workspace to access drawing functions, equation features, and uploaded files. Any work in this space will be saved if you navigate to another workspace. Select this icon to return to the whiteboard workspace.

 TEXT EDITOR: This is a text editing workspace. Any work in this space will be saved if you navigate to another workspace. Select this icon to return to the text editor workspace at any time. The options available in the text editor are below.


 TEXT CUSTOMIZATIONS Change the appearance of your text by selecting your font type, font size color, and text appearance. 


TEXT ALIGNMENT: Change the alignment of your text by selecting your outline type, indentation, and alignment style.


      UNDO & REDO: Undo or Redo the last action within the text editor


CODE EDITOR: This is a code editing workspace. Any work in this space will be saved if you navigate to another workspace. Select this icon to return to the code editor workspace at any time. The options available in the code editor are below.

 VIEW FILES: Hides or expands the file list in your code editor.

ADD FILE: Add a file to your code editor. Save your file with the appropriate programming language file extension in order enable code help and completion while working in your file. Multiple files can be saved in the code editor workspace at one time.

EDIT FILE NAME: Edit the selected file name. If you change the programming language file extension, the code help and code completion will automatically update to reflect the new code.

REMOVE FILE: Delete the selected file from your code editing workspace


CODE COMPLETION: Working within a file that is saved with a valid programming language file extension will provide code completion assistance.


COMMUNICATION TOOLS: Use the following options to review and change the way you communicate during your live tutoring session.


                     SNAP-N-SEND: The Snap-N-Send feature enables you to scan documents, handwritten notes, or any other academic content and send it to the Brainfuse Whiteboard during a tutoring session. To use Snap-N-Send, simply download the Brainfuse Mobile App (iOS or Android versions) and follow the instructions to log into your Brainfuse account.  During a tutoring session, select the Snap-n-Send feature from the mobile app, scan the desired material with your mobile device, and it will appear on your whiteboard.

             PARTICIPANTS: View the participants active in the current live tutoring session

             FILE UPLOADS: View the files already uploaded to the whiteboard. If more than two files have been uploaded, the first file can be accessed through the drop-down option in order to add it to the whiteboard again. 

                  ADD WHITEBOARD SLIDE: Click on the Add Whiteboard Slide” to add another blank whiteboard to the session. This will also allow you to then toggle between screens

  UPLOAD FILES TO SHARE WITH User: Click on the Upload button (bottom left of the Chat Box) to upload images, papers, or other assignments to work on them in real time with your student.

  USE AUDIO: Select the Audio button (top left of the Chat Box) to speak with your student through a secure and private conference room, using your computer (VoIP) or a toll-free call

ACCESS NUMBER: Use your phone to dial a toll-free, secure conference number

MY COMPUTER: Use your computer and internet connection (VoIP) to connect to your student

CALL ME: Receive a phone call to connect with your student. Please note that your student will connect with you via our phone bridge. Students will not have access to your phone number.

USE VIDEO:. Select the Video button (top left of the Chat Box) to begin using video with your student through a secure and private conference room. Selecting video will also prompt the tutor and user to connect via audio using your computer (VoIP) or a toll-free call. 

USE SCREENSHARING: Select the Screen Share button (top left of the Chat Box) to begin sharing your screen with the student.


Tutor Whiteboard Features: The following tools are found only on the tutor whiteboard to help manage the tutoring session


STUDENT TAB OPTIONS: At the top of the whiteboard, the student tab has a menu (i.e. three dots) that contains the following options for the tutor to use during a scheduled tutoring session:




USER INFORMATION: View the student’s username

INVITE TO CONFERENCE CALL: Initiate Audio with the student (same as the audio icon above)

REFRESH WHITEBOARD: Manually update the whiteboard

START DESKTOP SHARING: Begin screen sharing with the student

SEND SCREENSHOT: Send a screenshot of the whiteboard to the student

SAVE WHITEBOARD DATA: Download the whiteboard information to quickly upload in the future

SEND QUIZ: Send previously view quizzes to student


Cancelling Accepted Sessions: Tutor Match allows tutors to cancel previously accepted tutoring sessions in cases of changed availability. To cancel a session, follow the steps below.

1.     Select “My Calendar” from the “My Schedule” menu option to view all of your tutoring sessions and your availability.


2.     Select the session you want to delete. From the new window, select “Cancel” delete window will appear.



3.     If prompted, enter a reason for deletion. When finished, choose “Delete” to remove the session from your scheduled tutoring shifts.