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Import File Specification for Enrollment Data


Student File Format:

The Fields of the csv file should be provided as follows. The list is provided in a numbered format for easy reading. Bolded field names are required.


  1. FAC_ID: The ID of the teacher should  be unique and unchangeable by the user or admin.
  2. FAC_HOME_CAMPUS_ID: The school ID from the SIS system.
  3.  FAC_FIRSTNAME: first name of the teacher
  4. FAC_MIDDLENAME if any
  5. FAC_LASTNAME: last name of the teacher
  6. FAC_EMAIL The teacher email address should be repeated here again.
  7. COURSE_ID : The id of the course/section on the SIS System.
  8. COURSE_NAME: The name of the course  
  9. COURSE_STATUS: 1 for active, 0 for no longer active.
  10. COURSE_STARTDATE: The format of the start date is MM/dd/yyyy
  11. COURSE_ENDDATE: The format of the start date is MM/dd/yyyy
  12. STUD_ID: The ID should be unique and unchangeable by the student or admin.  
  13. STUD_HOME_CAMPUS_ID:  The school ID from the SIS system.
  17. STUD_EMAIL The email address of the student should be repeated here again.
  18. STUD_ENROLLEMENT_STATUSThis is the current enrollment status for the student incase the user is no longer enrolled in that course. 1 for a member, 0 to remove the membership on our side.


The CSV file should contain a line with header field names as the first line. If more than one student record for the same course exists, the entire line should be repeated for each student in the course. The format resembles the output of a simple SQL Query which performs inner joins to different tables.

 The data in each csv columns should be escaped and/or quoted appropriately to ensure correct readability.

 The records should be sorted by the FAC_ID then by the COURSE_ID and then by the STUD_ID.

 The file should be generated on a nightly basis, please let us know if you prefer another schedule.

 The generation mechanism could be incremental (i.e. Changes only) or total whichever is more convenient. If incremental is used the first generation of the semester should be the full file.

 The filename should stamped with the date and time stamp  in the format of xxx_YYYY-MM-DD were xxx is any prefix you choose.

The file could be delivered to us via SFTP using the provided credentials in a separate email.