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Student Tutorial


Student Tutorial





User  Guide   for  



What is Brainfuse?   Brainfuse develops and provides virtual learning solutions for schools, colleges, universities, libraries, government agencies, and individual subscribers.  Our philosophy is anchored on adherence to high standards and user-centered technology to build a better educational experience for learners of diverse backgrounds.  Brainfuse helps students reach their academic goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors anytime, anywhere.  Students can also initiate and organize online meetings for peer-to-peer and instructor-led learning.  Brainfuse learning platform gives power to students, instructors and administrators to manage outcomes better by streamlining the latest virtual learning technology.




How do I get started?


·        Windows 2000, XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7

·        Pentium 90 processor or above

·        64 megabytes (MB) of RAM

·        Active Internet Connection

·        Screen Resolution of 800 x 600 or Above

·        Java Version 5 or Above



·        Download the latest Java if experiencing issues.



·        Send email to support@brainfuse.com or call toll-free at 1-866-272-4638, Ext. 510.







Brainfuse HelpNow Homepage is the starting point for choosing your area of academic need.




Experience personalized eLearning by connecting with a live tutor.


• Live Help: Choose the grade and subject to get a live tutor. 

• Writing Lab: Upload and submit essays, short paragraphs, or any form of writing for feedback from Brainfuse tutors.

• 24/7 Center:  Ask math, science and other academic questions for feedback from Brainfuse tutors.

• Language Lab:  Learn Spanish from a live tutor.







     Powerful self-assessment and online learning tools featuring the Flashbulb™.

• Flashbulb:  access and   
            create interactive learning






     Form study groups, hold virtual office hours, work on class projects, and share knowledge with peers and instructors using the Meet™ and the Brainwave™.

      • Meet™:  schedule a live study
     group session with peers and teachers.    
     Invitees receive the invite in their email
    inbox and simply click on the Meet™
    link to join the organizer.  Invitees need              
    not be Brainfuse users.

      • Brainwave™:  record movie-like whiteboard sessions to record solutions to homework
                        problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing.







> Start using Brainfuse by simply logging in with your username and password.



> Once logged in, you can access the personalized features:  
• My Calendar: Displays all of Meet™ sessions that you scheduled. 

• My Brainwaves: Shows all of the Brainwaves that you created. You can also access Brainwave library which is a searchable database where the user can search for an existing Brainwave on a particular problem or a question created by other Brainwave users. 

• View Past Sessions: Complete record of all previous sessions including Meet™ sessions.  From this page, users can replay and email favorite sessions to others.

• Message Center: Complete history of all of the writing assignments, math/science questions sent to and received from Brainfuse tutors.




How do I use the HelpNow Whiteboard?

> Two types of whiteboards:  Regular and Meet™.  The regular whiteboard is pictured below and the one used by students.  Let’s first review the student whiteboard features.  Note that both types of whiteboards expand infinitely horizontally and vertically.  No limit on how much you can put on the whiteboard.

PRINT:  Print What’s On The Whiteboard.

BRAINSHAREAllows Students And Tutors To Exchange Documents In A Live Session.

  SEND SESSION:  Allows Students To Email The Entire Session Replay To Their Email Account.

 PENCILFree Write/Drawing.

 ERASERErase What’s On The Whiteboard.

 TYPE:  Type On The Whiteboard.

   FONT:  Change The Font Size And Style.

  COLOR PALETTE: Change The Color Of What You Type, Draw And Insert  As Shapes And Symbols.

  Copy/Paste:  Copy/Paste Text And Images.

  LINES:  Draw Straight Lines Anywhere On The Whiteboard.

   Number Line & Graphing

To change the numeric settings, simply double-click on the Number Line or the Graph.

  SHAPESCommon Geometric Shapes And Math Symbols.  Shapes And Symbols Are

                                  Easy To Resize.


   UNDOUndoes The Very Last Thing Done On The Whiteboard.


> Be sure to put the cursor on the whiteboard so that the symbol can appear.  Click on the Font and Color Palette to change the symbol size and color.

   Superscript and Subscript

> Simply click on the icon to type in superscript or subscript  and then click on the abc icon to resume normal typing.



> Press ALT+Print on PC’s.  Then click on the  icon to paste the captured screen on the 

> Press Command +Ctrl+Shift on MAC’s.  Then click on the  icon to paste the captured   
   screen on the whiteboard. 



**Audio is not used with Brainfuse tutors but is available on the Meet™ whiteboard. 












> Let’s now take a look at the Meet™ whiteboard.




Meet™ whiteboard is the whiteboard that opens up when the organizer of a Meet™ session enters the scheduled online, study session.  Most of the features are the same as the student whiteboard with few exceptions:

#1    Meet whiteboard is designed to accommodate group sessions.  For this reason, when the Meet organizer right clicks on any of the participant’s username, “private/public” options appear as shown above.  Private Whiteboard means that the participant will have his/her own whiteboard and chat and literally be in his/her own separate, private classroom without other participants seeing what he/she is doing.  Private Whiteboards appear as separate tabs next to the Public tab shown on the whiteboard above. 

#2    Disabling all private whiteboards brings everyone to the Public Whiteboard where everyone can see what others are doing on the whiteboard.

#3    The default chat mode is private so select Disable All Private Chat if you, as the organizer, want everyone to talk to each other.

#4    Send Quizzes is for the organizer to “push” any tests already selected by the participant so that the test opens up on the participant’s side.  The participant must be a Brainfuse user to select tests from the Test Center found on the HelpNow main page.  Essentially, Send Quizzes feature is restricted to participants who also happen to be Brainfuse users.  Chief benefit of this feature is to allow the participant to review test questions while being online with the Meet™ organizer who may be a teacher.

#5    Who Is allows the organizer to view any previous tests taken by the participant and the organizer can use the test results for a more effective study session. 

#6    Transfer Student feature is generally not used unless it’s in a very large online study group setting where there are many other organizers to whom the participant may be transferred to if the original organizer is unable to help the participant. 


#7    Audio is available on the Meet™ whiteboard for both the organizer and the participant.

#8   Meet™ whiteboard  features the Academic Resources folder as shown by the screenshot above.  This folder allows the Meet™ organizer to upload academic resources such as practice questions and sample lessons onto the whiteboard for an engaging online study session.


*Note that the Meet™ participant whiteboard is the same as the regular whiteboard. 



> Call Brainfuse at 1.866.BRAINFUSE (1.866.272.4638).


> Or, email us at info@brainfuse.com.


> When emailing Brainfuse, please provide the following:


·        Your Full Name/Brainfuse Username

·        Email Address

·        Phone Number

·        College/Institution Name