EzProxy with Single Sign-On
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EzProxy with Single Sign-On

After enabling the session information in the users.txt for LDAP:

Instructions are take from http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/support/navigator/documentation/config/EZproxyConfigurationGuide.pdf

 Set session:forename = auth:givenName
 Set session:surname = auth:sn
 Set session:middleName = auth:initials
 Set session:emailAddress = auth:email
if the session:uid is set as follows then use
 Set session:uid = login:user
Set session:note10=auth:uid
Set session:uid=auth:uid
In the EzProxy config.txt
Use this URL
Title Brainfuse Online Tutoring
URL -Form=post brainfuse https://landing.brainfuse.com/index.asp
FormVariable u=<URL Provided by Brainfuse>
FormVariable -expr bc=session:note10 or session:uid (whichever was set to the auth:uid) in the users.txt
FormVariable -expr firstName=session:forname
FormVariable -expr lastName=session:surname
FormVariable -expr email=session:emailAddress