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Brainfuse Tutor Match Guide - Tutor Administrators


Brainfuse Tutor Match Guide: Tutor Administrators

Brainfuse Tutor Match provides students the ability to schedule live tutoring sessions with tutors for assistance in their selected subject.  Through Tutor Match, students will connect with tutors using the same Brainfuse Whiteboard used during live tutoring sessions. 

This guide will provide details about the features of the tutor administrator accounts  


Accessing your Tutor Administration Account: Follow the steps below to access your tutor administration account.

1.       To access your tutor administration account, log in to Brainfuse using the credentials provided to you.


2.       From the admin homepage, select the “TutorMatch” tab to view the Tutor Match administrative features available


Tutor Administration Features: The following options are available to tutor administrators to manage tutor accounts and scheduled tutoring sessions.

Dashboard: View the total number of tutoring sessions requested by students, including those confirmed and unconfirmed. The Dashboard also displays the subjects chosen by students to easily track the most frequently requested subject.

             1.       Click any of the Dashboard boxes to automatically open the corresponding report for additional information.

Tutors: This area allows you to easily register new tutors, search for current tutors, or view tutor accounts to review sessions or deactivate the tutor.

1.       Register New Tutor: Use this option to create tutor accounts using the same steps outlined in the Tutor Match Tutor Guide.

2.       View/Edit: View all tutor profiles, either active or inactive.  This also allows you to review the tutor’s sessions, view time sheets, edit availability calendars, and check account details.  Tutors may be deactivated or reactivated from their tutor profile.

3.       Search: Search for a specific tutor account by using the tutor’s name, username, or associated email address.

Managing Calendar: This area allows you to easily view currently scheduled sessions and tutor availability.  Schedules can be view by subject.

1.       Tutoring Calendar: View all scheduled tutoring sessions by day, week, or month

2.       Tutor Availability Calendar:  View all availability for tutoring sessions by day, week, or month

Reports: This area allows you to easily view unconfirmed sessions.

1.       Unconfirmed/Tentative Session Reports: View all unconfirmed or tentative sessions for a selected timeframe to track tutor responsiveness and attendance.