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    (Open) A Narrative essay - Tips & Sample

    A narrative essay is the most common type of essay. In this type of essay, the writer narrates an event happening or incident. Narrative essays are mainly based on a central point or a motive. The writer narrates a vivid story that is either based on an imaginary or real event. However, to make it effective the writer mainly aims to provide background knowledge in the introduction and then steadily moves towards the story or event that is to be narrated in the essay. Students are often given essay assignments in which they are asked to write narrative essays. I recently heard a boy in my neighborhood telling his mother write my essay otherwise I'll get a failing grade”. Upon asking her mother I found out that he was not good at writing narrative essays as he is not able to narrate stories in an effective manner. Students mostly are not able to write effective essays because of poor writing skills.



    Meaning that Writing skills inaddition to the way of narration of something helps a writer in effectively writing a narrative essay. Apart from that professional writers always suggest it follows a number of different tips to write effective narrative essays. These different tips vary from the organization of the essay to the way a writer can effectively attract the attention of his audience. 



    Professional writers such as the one offering online services like an essay writing service, always suggest beginner writers as well as students to keep practicing to write different types of essays in order to build effective writing skills. A writer or a student can effectively write a narrative essay if he is able to generate ideas, stories, or points. 



    Tips to write effective narrative essays



    A good essay writer is one who spends time deciding what he will be writing in the essay. In addition to that, he aims to use a number of different ways or steps that can help in writing effective narrative essays. Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help in writing effective narrative essays:



    1. The writer while writing a narrative essay should be on the story he wants to narrate to the writer. Keeping this in mind he should specifically use words that are clear and simple so that a clear meaning is conveyed to the audience. 
    2. Make sure to maintain consistency throughout your essay. Meaning that does not go into detail about a specific thing rather than consistently emphasizes on each one of the points in the essays. This will help to create an interactive environment rather than making the information boring for the readers. 
    3. Select a topic for the narrative essay that interests you as well as your audience. This will help in narrating the story or the event more effectively as you will be able to develop new ideas while writing the narrative essay. 
    4. In a narrative essay limit the use of references.
    5. Use interactive sentences as well as words to attract the attention of your audience.



    Sample Narrative essay on “Your worst nightmare”


    It was a dark windy night. The rattling sound of leaves and the aeolian sound of the wind were breaking the silence of that dark windy night. I was alone on that night as I was staying with my uncle and aunt. On normal days I used to sleep with my younger sister in her room and I think this was the reason I was feeling very lonely and the night was very astonishing. My mind was focusing on the aeolian sound of wind and the rattling sound of leaves and in the meanwhile, my eyes closed and I fell asleep.



    I felt like someone was calling my name downstairs. I thought my mother and father are back from the trip and they're here to take me home. I suddenly rushed from the bed and moved towards the door. My lips uttered, “Mum and Dad are you here?”. I repeated after a few seconds as no one replied. Suddenly I heard someone calling me to come downstairs. I slowly and steadily moved towards the stairs and then down to the outside door. I opened the outside door and went into the lawn. I again asked “Mum and Dad are you here?” no one replied. 



    After getting no response I turned around towards the door to get into the house. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned back and saw that it was my uncle with his head injury and full of blood. I was shocked to see him as he died a year ago in a road accident. At that very instant I screamed and shouted: “Mom help Mon help”. Suddenly I heard my aunt calling my name and asking me to get up, it's just a nightmare. I got up but was in severe shock. After some time I became unconscious because my uncle who died in a road accident a year ago was very close to me and watching him In front of me was shocking. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.



    I was taken to the doctor. The doctor provided me with treatment and gave me some medicines as I was not in my senses. Every night after that particular nightmare was very unstable as I was not able to sleep because of fear. It took me a week to become stable and forget about that nightmare, and I called it the Worst Nightmare. 










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