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    (Open) Online Dating Tips For Men – Top 10

    Online dating tips for men is becoming much more mainstream these days. The Internet has become the new way to communicate in all aspects of your life, including dating.

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    So here is some dating tips for men to help you achieve the results you want when it comes to meeting women online.

    1) Being honest

    It is so easy to lie online. I mean you could put just about anything in your profile and the other person won’t be none the wiser. Until you meet in person that is, and they realize your ‘6 foot, athletic’ body is more like ‘5 foot cheetos muncher’ :-)

    If you do that, you may encounter a few problems. So to avoid this, make sure that you are honest about, your looks, your body, your personality, your likes and dislikes, etc. If you are not, when you meet up she might not be interested. Why? Because you fibbed in your profile and emails. The trust is gone before you even had a chance.

    As a quick side note: If you don’t like the way you look, change it. You’d be surprised what a decent haircut and packing on a bit of muscle will do for a guys’ attractiveness to women. Both are things within your control too.

    2) Make sure you use a great picture

    Women are not into looks all that much in real life, but when it comes to online there is a little bit of “What does he look like” syndrome. However it’s not about them thinking is he hot or has he got a great body. It’s more to do with making sure that you don’t look creepy, weird, boring, etc. Best thing to do is put your pictures on something like ‘Hot or Not’ first. You can get your pictures rated and you can then use the ones with the best ratings as rated by women. Simple pre-tested content.

    3) Have an interesting profile

    The best online dating profile advice I can give you, is to be interesting. Very few girls out there are gonna be interested in a guy who profile reads, “I live at home with my parents, wear spandex when I am relaxing and am always looking to level up on World of Warcraft”.

    You don’t have to be the most exciting guy in the world but every guy has a lot of interesting characteristics that they could put in a profile. Take a look at yourself and pick out all your great qualities. You will have them you just need to put them into words.

    4) Be mysterious

    Hold stuff back. I don’t mean being like some top secret agent who discloses nothing. That would just be weird. What I mean by mysterious is hold a few things back and don’t disclose everything about yourself straight away. A little bit of mystery is very attractive and shows there is more to you than first meets the eye. Never a bad thing.

    5) Go For Her Number Pretty Quick

    Try not to get stuck into a long term online relationship. Emailing a girl is great, however it’s not gonna go anywhere if you don’t try and progress things along. Therefore you need to make sure you try and get the girls number. Obviously not something you ask for in the initial email you send. But I do recommend you ask for her number on the 2nd or 3rd email. If she doesn’t give you her number then exchange a few more emails and then ask again.

    6) Email Specific

    Make sure you are specific in your email to the girl you are contacting. For example when you send the first email make sure you comment on something about her profile. By doing this it shows you have shown interest in her as a person and not just the way she looks.

    7) Don’t Email Stalk The Girl

    You don’t want to send her email after email after email. If you send an email and she doesn’t reply then be cool. Maybe she got flooded with emails or has not had access to the Internet. If she still has not replied after 4-5 days then send another email. If you don’t get a response to this email then you are best off leaving it. Don’t waste your time as it’s too valuable. Side note; you never know but you may find you receive an email in a week or so :-).

    8) Asking For More Pictures

    If you are gonna ask for more pictures then do it in a respectable way. Don’t fall into the same trap as so many other guys do and ask for inappropriate pictures. Such as the girl in her lingerie, swim suit, a skimpy outfit, etc. Maybe ask for some photos of her in cool situations. Say I gotta make sure you are exciting enough for me or something like that. Make it a bit of a fun challenge and she is much more likely to do it.

    9) Be Prepared To Stick It Out

    You have to make sure you are ready to commit to the online dating scene and be prepared to stick it out. As with normal dating, it’s not an exact science and therefore you need to be prepared to keep up the effort. Make sure you keep sending out the emails and responding to any emails you receive. The hard work is done up front by setting up your profile, don’t let that hard work go to waste.

    10) Lastly, Enjoy

    When it comes to online dating advice very few people tell you to enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that you are working towards getting dates with women. If you take things too seriously then you are going to find yourself in a worse position than when you started. At the end of the day if you don’t enjoy something you should not be doing it at all.  So enjoy the thrill of sending and replying to emails and don’t get despondent if a few girls don’t respond because it will happen at some point.

    So there you have it, some online dating tips for men. If you have never given online dating a try then take this online dating advice on board and give it a crack. If you have already tried it with little success then why not give it another go using these free online dating tips and see how you get on.