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    (Open) Amazing Hacks to Write a Perfect Thesis Statement

    Whether you are writing a literature essay or a dissertation, a perfect thesis statement is the trickiest part of the writing assignment. The thesis statement makes or breaks your paper.  If you are struggling to write a good thesis statement, you will find this article very useful because after reading it, you will not only become a good reliable essay writing service but will also be able to ace your writing assignments.

    What is a good thesis statement?

    You might wonder why it is important to write a thesis statement in the first place. Initially, I used to wonder how much is an essay. It is important to understand the concept of thesis statements. The thesis statement distills the ideas in one brief sentence and also helps the writer organize the ideas around the central point. It is a statement that sets the tone for the rest of the paper. A thesis statement is not the elaboration of a topic but the position of the writer on the issue. A thesis statement usually contains the main point that the writer wishes to convey to the readers. A good thesis statement gives a brief overview and guides the reader about the course of the essay. To put it shortly, an effective thesis statement accomplishes the purpose of providing an answer to the question that is asked in the topic.

    Appropriate length

    One hack to write a catchy thesis statement is to be careful about the length of the thesis statement. It shouldn't be very long nor should it be a phrase. Instead, it should be in the form of a statement that contains the main idea. For example, if you are asked to write the thesis statement for an essay titled ‘Is gender equality a myth?’ then just saying it is a myth implies equal rights for both genders and is thus an example of a poor and high quality papers. A good thesis statement for the topic would be: ‘The idea of women's emancipation is not more than a myth and hollow slogans as proven by the large income gap, educational disparities, inequality in healthcare facilities, and low representation of women in politics.’

    Placement of thesis statement

    Another hack to write a good thesis statement is to write it at the end of the introductory paragraph. Many writers get confused about the correct placement of the thesis statement. A rule of thumb is to never write the thesis statement in the middle of a paragraph. The right placement not only improves the quality of the paper but also provides a hook for the reader to develop an interest in reading the rest of the essay.

    Avoid vague statements and clearly state the stance

    One major hack is to take a clear position and provide a verdict so that readers wouldn’t have to struggle to grasp the basic concept. Vague thesis statements with irrelevant words usually ruin the first impression of the essay. Therefore, the thesis statements should be precise, and to help i need to write an essay. Words like negative, difficult, interesting, etc. must be avoided. The thesis statement should not contain technical jargon. Try to write it as clearly as you can to make it comprehensible by the reader because a strong thesis statement is clear and justifies the verdict of the writer.

    Use of conjunctions in the thesis statement

    An important trick is to use conjunctions in your thesis statement to connect different ideas rather than writing short sentences. Conjunction such as yet, before, but, although, since, because, etc. help in making a comprehensive thesis statement.

    Avoid grammatical mistakes

    This is the most basic and important point to be kept in mind while writing a thesis statement. As the thesis statement is the reflection of the whole essay, therefore, it shouldn't contain any grammatical mistakes. Having grammatical or syntax errors in the thesis statement will leave a bad impression.

    By following the above-mentioned points, you will be able to write a strong thesis statement, however, if you are still struggling to understand and come up with a good thesis statement, you can always reach out to an

    Revise the thesis statement after completing the essay

    When you are done writing your essay, you might think there are a few points that you might have missed in the thesis statement. To improve the quality of the thesis statement, revise the thesis statement at the end so that you can be sure that it serves the purpose of guiding the reader about the whole essay or write up. The thesis statement usually contains the main and strongest points that the writer tends to discuss in the essay. Going over the thesis statement at the end is a way to be sure that the thesis statement is pointing towards the major argument or facts that the reader expects to read in the essay.