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    (Open) Key Features of Speech Writing Guide 2022

    As a student, you might often feel stuck while you are writing a speech. If that is the case, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. There are few things that you should keep in mind so that you can write a speech that not only conveys your message to the audience but also conveys to them your arguments. After reading this article you would no longer be stressed out regarding your lack of skills in speech writing as this article is going to explain in detail the key features of speech writing. However, if you still face difficulty while writing a speech you can consult professional speech writers' academic papers. Speech writing is a way through which writers share their thoughts and convey them to their audience.

    Students often confuse speech writing with essay writing and consider both the same. Although, speech writing to some extent is similar to essay writing yet the content and tone are different. The main aim of writing a speech is to convey the message and communicate with the audience, hence, it is more interactive than an essay.The main features of speech writing include the following:


    This is the first and foremost part of speech writing. The main feature which must be included in the introduction part is the ‘Hook or attention grabber’. It builds up the interest of the audience in listening to the main points that the speaker is going to share either against the topic or in support of it. The hook can be a quote, a famous adage, narration, or an anecdote. Then introduce yourself and the subject of the speech to make it clear to the audience about the topic which you are about to discuss during the speech. When I academic excellence or speech, I find the introduction to be the trickiest part of the write-up because it either engages your audience or makes them uninterested in reading or listening to your speech.

    The use of informal language

    Although the main purpose of speech is to communicate the message, the language and the tone shouldn't be very casual. The words, phrases, and sentences should be carefully devised so that they can improve the quality of language. A speech articulated in a well-versed manner has a positive impact on the listeners and it is most likely to convince the audience about the verdict of the orator.

    Clear Message and theme

    While writing a speech, take special care of writing it clearly and concisely so that it can convey the intended message to the audience successfully. An ambiguous speech, written haphazardly without any pattern or sequence can cause failure in conveying the message. The theme of the speech should be stated to the audience so that they wouldn’t remain in the dark about what they should expect while reading or listening to the speech.

    Appropriate for the target audience

    One important feature of speech is that you must consider the intended audience while writing a speech. As a professional CollegeEssay, I know how crucial knowing your audience is. Audience analysis should be done before starting writing a speech which must involve collecting knowledge about the audience, age groups, value system, beliefs, and expectations of the audience. This will significantly help you write a speech that is well-versed and eloquently conveys the verdict to the audience. If you want to observe how to engage the audience while you speak, then watching good orators like Nelson Mandela, and Steve Jobs would help you develop verbal skills along with making you learn about how to address your audience during the speech preparation.

    Interesting and motivating

    One of the most important features of a good speech is that it should invigorate interest in the listeners and readers, and must motivate them towards learning about the topic. For example, if you are writing a speech about a balanced diet then you must also shed some light on the positive impacts of the diet on physical and mental health along with stating the negative consequences of being careless about the diet. It will motivate the readers or audience to take care of their health. You can also recommend the ways by which your audience can incorporate a healthy diet plan into their lives.

    Good grammar and use of comprehensible terms

    If you are writing a speech about a technical issue or contemporary political affairs or scientific advancements, chances are that your audience might not be well aware of the technical terminologies. Therefore, always try to write the speech in a language that the audience can apprehend easily. Lexical ambiguity is one of the main causes which the readers or the listeners lose interest. Difficult language and vocabulary can create hindrance in understating the main message of the speech due to which it becomes difficult for others to pay attention or focus on the main message of the speech. Moreover, the grammar should be correct. Grammatical errors while writing a speech can create a negative impression on others.

    Involve the audience

    While writing a speech you should focus on the fact that you are directly going to address the audience during the speech, therefore, their involvement is crucial to keep them engaged and interested in your opinion. If you are going to directly address them by asking them a question or providing a compliment or comment then it will keep them attentive to you. Therefore, while writing a speech incorporating the elements to directly engage the audience can help you write a good speech.