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    (Open) Teletypewriter Installer

    A Teletypewriter Installer is a professional who installs and repairs telegraphic transmitting and receiving equipment. A teletypewriter is known as an electromechanical typewriter meant for point-to-point communication. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), a Teletypewriter Installer falls into the category of telecommunication equipment installer (telex).

    A teletypewriter is also known as a teletype machine, teleprinter, or just a teletype. The installer adjusts the features, link the proper interface, and fix minor troubles. They will occasionally inspect, lubricate, and clean the terminal during a service interval for better functionality. Some companies have replaced the teleprinter with electronic computer terminals.

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    Job Description

    The technician installs, repairs, and maintains the teleprinter machine. These machines play an essential part in maintaining communication between different locations. Telecom companies use the machine to facilitate interaction between people and organizations. Some of the essential job responsibilities of the installer include:

    • Ensure the telephone and line connections are in working condition
    • Perform station testing after the installation of the machine
    • Install the teletype machine per the diagram
    • Install the ribbon and paper in the teleprinter
    • Troubleshoot the teleprinter machine for any faulty connection
    • To install the friction feed paper’s supply assembly if desired by the customer
    • Perform regular maintenance of the teleprinter
    • Check and verify the telephone system and its wire system connection with the data set
    • Analyze issues and repair manual and automatic teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment
    • Test and adjust equipment by using testing devices