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Setting & Updating Tutor Availability

Setting Your Availability to Tutor:

In order to be scheduled for tutoring sessions, tutors must enter their tutoring availability schedule in their tutor account.

To set your preferred schedule, log in to Brainfuse tutor account using your credentials.



1.    From the Brainfuse homepage, hover over “My Schedule” and select “My Preferred Schedule”.


2.    From the “Preferred Schedule” calendar, select the first date you wish to be available for a tutoring session. Your time zone is also noted on this page (and may be changed if necessary).


3.    When you choose your date, select the start time and the end time for your tutoring availability and select “Done.”  This start start time will be in the time zone associated with your account (default is Eastern Time).  You may also choose to make this availability recurring (daily, weekly, or monthly).  Select “Add” to create the available tutoring time and add it to your availability schedule.


4.    After you select “Add,” the tutoring times you entered will populate the “Preferred Schedule” calendar.


Updating Your Availability to Tutor:

Tutors may edit their availability schedule in the event of a schedule change.

1.    To change your preferred schedule, select “My Preferred Calendar” from the “My Schedule” option in the top menu bar from your tutor account.

2.    From the Preferred Schedule Calendar, select the date you wish you edit. From the “Edit Schedule” pop-up, you can:

a.    Update: Shorten or lengthen the available time for the selected day
b.    Delete: Remove the selected time from your availability schedule
c.    Delete All: Remove all recurring instances of this availability from your Preferred Schedule