Desire2Learn Integration
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Desire2Learn Integration

Basic LTI

Create a link to a Tool Provider

This step is performed by the administrator or the instructor for each vendor.

Use the key, secret, and URL provided by Brainfuse.

Brainfuse URL:

Make sure to have the following checkboxes checked "Send user ID to tool provider", "Send user email to tool provider", "Send tool consumer information to tool provider" and "Send context information to tool provider".


Define a tool provider in Learning Environment (optional):

Tool provider configurations are useful to configure if there will be many links to the same vendor from a course. Configuring a tool provider enables management of the key/secret for all the links to that vendor from one location

Create and test the External Learning Tool Link:

After configuring a link with the information from the tool provider, the link can be previewed, as can the raw form details. This is useful if there is any troubleshooting required with the tool provider. 


Incorporate configured links into the course

This step is performed by the instructor for each link.

Add QuickLinks

Use the Quicklinks tool in the HTML Editor in course content, news items,
discussions postings, etc. to make the configured tool visible and accessible
to users.

Note: In the Launch container value you must select a New Window to avoid 3rd party cookie issues with various browsers.

Faculty Dashboard Integration (Optional)

In order to get the faculty integration complete please register a key and secret for the Brainfuse app using the instructions provided here.

You will need to enter the Brainfuse App URL which will be

After you click on Register Application. Please provide Brainfuse representatives with following information:

  • Application ID
  • Application Key
  • D2L URL