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Authentication Wiki


Brainfuse provides several options to protect against unauthorized access. The following are a list of the main options. Please contact your Brainfuse representative if you prefer an authentication option that does not appear on this list.

Here you will find information regarding various authentication mechanisms supported by Brainfuse. Brainfuse Icon URL

  1. LMS Authentication
    1. Blackboard for SAAS and ULTRA
    2. Blackboard with Stephen Vickers Building Block (Faculty Dashboard Integration)
    3. Blackboard LTI 1.3
    4. Desire2Learn Integration
    5. D2L Bright Space LTI 1.3 Integration
    6. Moodle
    7. Canvas LTI Integration
    8. Canvas LTI 1.3 Integration
    9. Other Basic LTI compatible LMS
    10. Single Sign Specification using Oauth 1.0 HMAC
    11. SAML Authentication
  2. Your Institution's web portal:
    1. Single Sign Specification using Oauth 1.0 HMAC
    2. Single sign-on using a protected URL
  3. Authentication with Biblionix
    1. Configuring Basic LTI
    2. Authentication through Biblionix