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Blackboard LTI 1.3 Installation Instructions


Brainfuse now supports Basic LTI 1.3 Tools installation for Blackboard versions 9.1 and above with support of membership services. If you have an older version of Blackboard that does not support membership services, please install Brainfuse using the Stephen Vickers Basic LTI Building Block instead.


·         Blackboard Versions 9.1 and above

·         Blackboard Ultra




1.       On the Administrator Panel, under Integrations, select LTI Tool Providers.

2.       Select Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool

3.    Enter Brainfuse Application Client ID "ce1bab09-ea32-48d9-a0ad-b538be976df2" 

4.    A screen similar to the one below will appear. Please copy the Deployment ID value and provide it your Brainfuse account manager



5.       The fields are read-only but you can select the status of the tool as Approved or Excluded.

Tool Status: Approved


6.      Please select following User Fields to Send checkboxes: Role in Course, Name, and Email Address. 


7.       When using the Faculty Dashboard Brainfuse feature, please select Yes in the Allow Membership Service Access section. Brainfuse will then be able to ask for all or any subset of users in a course (instructors and students). If you select No, the tool won’t be able to access that information and the option Show User Acknowledgment Message becomes available. By selecting Yes in that option, you can show a custom message to your users, for example: “You’re about to launch a 3rd party LTI tool."


User Fields to send:

Role in Course


Email Address

Allow grade service access: No

Allow Membership Service: Yes


9.       Select Submit to add the LTI 1.3/Advantage tool.


Configuring placements: where LTI tools appear

After adding an LTI Tool Provider, you can set up a Placement to make it easier for users to find and use the tool in Blackboard Learn’s user interface. Create/Synchronize Placement using Vendor’s defined placement.


If the Placement is not configured, students and instructors must know the URL or secret key if they want to use the tool in courses, as described in Teaching Tools via LTI Connection.





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