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Blackboard Integration and Building Block


Brainfuse no longer uses the Brainfuse Building Block instead please use the instructions regarding using the Stephen Vickers Basic LTI Building Block instead.

The Brainfuse Building Block enables single sign-on from Blackboard into the Brainfuse platform. 


Blackboard Rel 9 Sp1 and above. 


To install please go to the Blackboard System Admin page > Building Blocks > Upload Building block and upload the Brainfuse Building Block war file.
You should see Brainfuse HelpNow building block in the list.
Please follow these steps to configure the tool. 
  1. To enable please select Available from both the Availability and Course/Org Default  drop downs.
  2. Click on Settings  next to the Brainfuse HelpNow Building Block
    1. Click "Add New Tool"
    2. In the Tool ID enter any identifier (you can use BFHN).
    3. In the Tool Name, you can enter the name that the students will see.
    4. In the Tool URL, please enter the URL provided by Brainfuse.
    5. In the Tool GUID, please enter the value provided by Brainfuse.
    6. In the Tool Secret, please enter the value provided by Brainfuse. 
  3. Scroll down to Step 3 Personal Data
    1. For the User ID, please select "Required by tool".
    2. For the Value to use for the user ID, please select either "Student ID" or "Database Key". Select "Student ID" if you are absolutely sure that all students have a value in their "Student ID" field.
    3. For Username, please select "Required by tool".
    4. For Email : please select "Required by too".
  4. For Step 4
    1. Open tool in: "New Window".