Other Basic LTI compatible LMS
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Other Basic LTI compatible LMS


This article covers single sign-on Brainfuse support for Basic LTI integration with your LMS. A list of IMS-certified learning management systems is available at the IMS website here

Other LMS supporting Basic LTI

Please follow the instructions for creating a Basic LTI tool according to your LMS user guide. Brainfuse will provide you with the required parameters.

Tool ID

This is a unique ID that allows you to uniquely identify your Brainfuse Tool. In most cases, ID will be any alpha-numeric identifier of your choice.

Tool name

This is the name that the student will see on their LMS page.

Tool URL

This is the URL that will be provided by the Brainfuse tech team during the account setup process.


This is a unique value that identifies the tool to the Brainfuse single sign-on system. The value will be provided by Brainfuse during the setup process.

Tool Secret

This is the key that the MS will use to encrypt the student information and generate a unique signature hash. Upon clicking on the link, Brainfuse will decrypt the hash using the Tool Secret to verify that the request is valid. The key should be kept in a safe place and should never be added to any entry that could be passed in the URL.


User ID


During the setup process you will have to specify that the user ID is required by the tool. You will have to follow the Basic LTI setup screen instructions on how to turn this option on.


Value for the User ID field


The value for the user ID could be any alpha numeric field that will be unique for each student. The value should be unique even when the student moves from one semester to the next or from one year to the next.




Please check that the user's email field is required by the tool. This is important in order to make sure that the student receives notifications for various Brainfuse services, including our Writing Lab, 24x7 Question Center, and upcoming Scheduled Sessions.