How to test Canadian locality
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How to test Canadian locality

In order to test the Canadian library pages you will have to follow these steps:

Download Firefox at

Go to the Quick Locale Switch Addon page at this URL from Firefox and click Add To Firefox.

Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect. 

Once firefox is restart open the QuickLocale menu by :

  • Clicking the Alt key to show the Tools menu. 
  • From the Tools menu select Quick Locale Switcher 
  • Select Options


Check the option to reload the page when the locale changes as per the screen shot below. 


Select the Locales tab as per the screen shot below

Click on the highlighted Button next to the Locale to clear all the default Locale

In the Locale search box search for Enligsh canada  and spanish USA then adjust select these Locales. 

Click Ok 


Go to the 

Hold the Alt key again, Go to the Tools menu 

Quick Locale Switcher > click on English Canada. 

You should see the text on the page now showing the Canadian version of the text.

If the menu doesn't change use the Ctrl + F5 to refresh.