Known Issues + Solutions
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Known Issues + Solutions


Java based issues


Updating Java related issuesUpdating Java will resolve these issues.

Updating Java - Windows edition

Updating Java - Mac Edition

  • Grey Screen when loading.
  • Does not load QC
  • Does not load Brainfuse
  • Requires java to run error.
  • Outdated Java.  3/21/14 current version is : Version 7 Update 51


Java cache related issues - Clearing java cache will resolve these issues.

Clearing Java Cache - Windows Edition

Clearing Java Cache - Mac Edition

  • Crashing (If it does not resolve the crash, try to update Java)
  • JVM Audio feature error



Long waiting time for live help.

This is a common issue you will receive. Please reply the following.

" There are currently too many active sessions. Please proceed to wait for a tutor. It is recommended for you not to refresh the page, as that will put you in the back of the line essentially. A tutor will be with you shortly. In order for us to resolve this issue on our end, we require the following information.

What is the name of the library or school your account is associated with? "

Once you have received the library or school name, please email it to Elize. It is recommended to send it every couple of days so we can resolve this issue over time.



When loading live help a box with an X appears on the upper right hand corner.

An issue I so far only received once. After updating the java, clearing all the caches, the problem was not resolved.  I came to conclusions it was the browser at hand. So I checked all the security sections. It allowed traffic in and out and java apps to run.  If this happens to an individual, please advise the following.


" Please install a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. "



File will not upload.

This can be one of many issues. Advice the user to do these 3 steps in order.

"Issue One : Improper Characters.

Please make sure that the file name doesn’t contain characters such as “!@#$%&*(“.

 Issue two: File extension issue.

Some file formats such as excel 2010 cannot be opened by the servers core programming. Try an older file extension such as excel 2003.

 Issue three: File integrity.

When altering a document too many times it can corrupt the file. This can be resolved by using the “Save As” button instead of the “Save” Button.


Quick Connect Installation Errors