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Last modified on 1/24/2012 9:35 PM by User.

Clearing Java Cache - Windows Edition

Many common issues that Brainfuse experiences can be fixed by clearing the java cache.  

Such of these issues includes

  • Crashing
  • JVM Audio feature error

To accomplish clearing the java cache, please follow the steps below.

Instructions - Please close all applications before proceeding. 


1. Select Start on the your task bar. (Highlighted in red).




2. Select the Control Panel Icon in your start menu. (Highlighted in red).



*Note - If you have windows vista or 7 please skip this step. *

3. A new window will pop-up. Be sure that on the left hand side you have classic view enabled. (Highlighted in red).



*Note - If you have Windows Vista or 7 please use the search function on the top right hand side of the file explorer. In that search box type in Java. A java icon should appear.*

4. Locate and select the Java icon. (Highlighted in red)



5. A window should pop-up. Make sure you are under the "General" tab (Highlighted in green). Go down to the Temporary Internet Files section on the bottom and select "Settings"(Highlighted in red).



6. Another window should appear. Select the "Delete Files..." button (Highlighted in red).



7. Another window should appear. Make sure both options are selected as shown in the screen shot. Then hit the "OK" button.



8. You can close the rest of the windows. You are now done.