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Setting Up Authentication for a Library Account


Brainfuse is delivered via a web browser through which the patron logs on. Upon visiting the library customizable site, the patron will be able to select among several service options. The following will show how to add each of the authentication attributes to the library’s accoun

IP Address

The client might sent three types of addresses:

  • A single address – i.e.
  • A range – i.e. (This a the same as to
  • IP address and netmask – i.e. - To obtain this range go to enter in the Address field and 24 in the netmask, this will result in a range as seen in the HostMin and HostMax values.

To add the IP address to the account:

1.    Go to the Account Administration page for the account, and click on the Account Attributes feature.

2.    Select the Edit Account Attributes link.

3.    Go to the Authentication menu and locate the ALLOWED_IP feature

4.    Enter the IP address or range given followed by a comma, and the can be enter

a.    A single address – Enter the given IP address (i.e.

b.    A range – Enter the given range (i.e.

c.    IP address and netmask – Enter the calculated range (i.e.

5.    There are two outcomes when entering the address

a.    Success

b.    Error – Marked by red color

Check the address for missing values, length or range; make sure there are no periods, extra numbers or that the IP address/Net Mask combination was entered instead of the range. If necessary you can ask the client to check the given values in case they missed some information

6.    Once completed scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the save button

Library Card

The library card number will be entered as a regular expression. The standard library card number will have 13 to 14 values and the first 5 to 6 numbers will be the same for each of the library’s patrons.




Breakdown of Regular Expression















  1. This is the sample card given by the library
  2. This is the regular expression that needs to be entered into the authentication feature
  3. These are either the first 5 or 6 numbers from the sample card. Regularly these 5 or 6 numbers will be the same for all library patrons, and the library program will let us know if they want to use 5 or 6. If they don’t point that out use the first 5 values.
  4. This is remaining length of the library card pattern, i.e. if you the library card has a length of 13 digits and you use 5 digits for the first part of the pattern then this value will be 8 (5 + 8 = 13).
  5. This number represents the maximum length for the card. If the library has than one pattern you should enter the value for the longest pattern

NOTE: The sample given is the common one, for other types of regular expressions that need to be used please contact Sam Gabriel.

To enter the library card pattern just:
1.    Follow steps 1 and 2 from how to enter the IP address.

2.    Go to the Authentication menu and locate the VALIDATION_PATTERN feature

3.    Enter the regular expression in the empty field

Please not that there cannon be more than one regular expression in the field.


4.    Once completed scroll to the bottom of the window and click on the save button