Brainfuse User Interfaces
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Brainfuse User Interfaces

K-12/Library HelpNow Page


Brainfuse HelpNow is our flagship service and is offer to many different types of clients including libraries, schools and colleges.  HelpNow is primarily for receiving help with classwork including paper reviews through the Writing Lab.

When the student clicks on HOME, he/she sees the following service options:

  • Live Tutoring: choose the grade and subject to get a live tutor. 
  • SkillSurfer/LearnNow:  SkillSurfer/LearnNow- These are two names for a similar service. All library clients will have access to SkillSurfer, which allows students to access all of the text lessons, video lessons, quizzes, helpful links, and more that we have compiled. This will include all basic subjects up through High School. LearnNow will only be available to certain clients and will include what I just described for SkillSurfer, plus many additional topics. This will include higher level subjects, specialized test prep info, career-specific exams, and much more.
  • Writing Lab: upload and submit essays, short paragraphs, or any form of writing for feedback from Brainfuse tutors.
  • Send Question:  ask math, science and other academic questions for feedback from Brainfuse tutors.
  • Language Lab:  learn Spanish from a live tutor.
  • Flashbulb:  access and create interactive learning games/flashcards.
  • Meet:  schedule a live study group session with peers and teachers.  Invitees receive the invite in their email inbox and simply click on the Meet™ link to join the organizer.  Invitees need not be Brainfuse users. 
  • Brainwave:  record movie-like Whiteboard sessions to record solutions to homework problems, class projects, or any other concepts that involve motion or sequencing.
  • CloudPack: (aka My Briefcase for adult learners) allows students and clients to upload, create, and store documents to their account. Please note that if Cloudpack is used, even though the link will not show up on your White board, the student will have to ask you to click the mark up button so they can write on the White board.
  • Past Sessions contains the full archive of all of the past sessions; students can also print the transcripts from this page.
  • Message Center is where the students see tutor responses after sending essays or homework questions using the Writing Lab, 24/7 Help, or Brainshare. The key difference between Brainshare and Writing Lab and 24/7 is Brainshare can be used during a live session. That is, Brainshare is a real time exchange of documents between the tutor and the student. 
  • My Tests is where the student would find a full record of all the tests selected and taken by the student. Students can also retake a test from this page. There is a retake button next to the completed tests.


Adult Learning Center is frequently offered in conjunction with HelpNow and JobNow. On HelpNow, users click on the “Adult Learners” as shown below to access the Adult Learning Center.




HelpNow SkillSurfer


LearnNow (similar to HelpNow SkillSurfer but stand-alone service)