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Quick-Start and User Guide - Brainfuse HelpNow

HelpNow Quick-Start and User Guide

The Brainfuse HelpNow suite features live online tutoring, writing lab assistance, and wide range of academic support tools. Even though HelpNow is easy-to-use and requires no prior training, we have prepared the following guide to provide you with a brief introduction. The first part of this guide consists of quick-start instructions. For more details about each service, see the User Guide that follows. 

Quick-Start Instructions

Get Live Tutoring: For live help simply select your topic and subject, click “Connect” and your tutoring session will begin in the Brainfuse Whiteboard.


Submit a Paper to the Writing Lab: Click “Submit Paper” to upload your paper to our Writing Lab. Our writing lab tutors will analyze your paper and provide constructive feedback within 24 hours.



Review Lessons and Take Practice Tests

Visit SkillSurfer to build academic skills through lessons and practice tests.


Study with Flashcards

Use Flashbulb to easily create flashcards and transform them into interactive games, quizzes, and more.  In addition, Flashbulb gives you access to an extensive library of user-created flashcard sets.


User Guide



Live Tutoring: The Live Help box on the homepage has several options.

Access Live Tutoring: To get online tutoring right away, simply select a topic and subject from the drop-down menu, click “Connect” and begin learning from a live tutor through the Brainfuse Whiteboard. 

       Select “Tutoring Schedule” or “Preferences” for additional details about your selection


The Brainfuse Whiteboard: The Brainfuse Whiteboard provides you with a variety of tools to communicate with your tutor.



Whiteboard Tools: To take a tour of the whiteboard tools, click  on the upper-right corner of the whiteboard.

 PEN: Write/draw with your mouse

 EDIT: Move items on the whiteboard and resize any uploaded images

 ERASER: Erase items from the Whiteboard

 TEXT TOOL: Click on the Whiteboard to start typing.  When you select the text tool, it will reveal the following text options:

 SUPERSCRIPT: Changes text into superscript

 SUBSCRIPT: Changes text into subscript

 PASTE: Paste text onto the Whiteboard

 FONT: Change your font style and font size

 MATH SYMBOLS: Enter a mathematical symbol

 SCIENCE SYMBOLS: Enter a scientific symbol

 TYPE EQUATIONS WITH THE EQUATION EDITOR: The equation editor allows you to create mathematical equations, functions, and symbols in the available box.  Click on the desired area of the Whiteboard where you want the equation to appear. When you are finished, click .


  DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE: Draw a straight line on the Whiteboard

 DRAW SHAPES: Select a shape from the menu to draw it on the Whiteboard

 DRAW NUMBER LINES AND GRAPHS: Select MIN, MAX and INTERVAL MODE to adjust the minimum, maximum and interval values

 COLOR PALETTE: Select from the menu to change pen/text color

 UNDO: Undo the last action

 REDO: Reverse the last undo action

 CLEAR: Clears the entire Whiteboard

 SNAP-N-SEND: The Snap-N-Send feature enables you to scan documents, handwritten notes, or any other academic content and send it to the Brainfuse Whiteboard during a tutoring session. To use Snap-N-Send, simply download the Brainfuse Mobile App (iOS or Android versions), and follow the instructions to log into your Brainfuse account.  During a tutoring session, select the Snap-n-Send feature from the mobile app, scan the desired material with your mobile device, and it will appear on your whiteboard. 

 UPLOAD FILES TO SHARE WITH TUTOR: Click on the Upload button (bottom left of the Chat Box) to upload images, papers, or other assignments to work on them in real time with your tutor. 

 USE AUDIO: Select the Audio button (top left of the Chat Box) to speak with your tutor through a secure and private conference room, using your computer (VoIP) or a toll-free call

ACCESS NUMBER: Use your phone to dial a toll-free, secure conference number

MY COMPUTER: Use your computer and internet connection (VoIP) to connect to your tutor

CALL ME: Receive a phone call to connect with your tutor. Please note that your tutor will connect with you via our phone bridge. Tutors will not have access to your phone number.


Writing Lab: The Writing Lab offers tutor support to help you revise your paper.


To begin, simply select “Submit Paper” from the homepage to choose your assignment type.



You will then be prompted to provide details about your assignment and any areas where you would like your tutor to focus.

To submit your paper for review, simply attach your paper and select “Submit.” Please note that only one file may be submitted at one time.

Once you have submitted your file, you will receive a confirmation.  A tutor will review your paper and return it with analysis within 24 hours.

When our review is complete, you will receive a notification email and see an alert in the Writing Lab box on the HelpNow home page.  You can retrieve the review of your paper in “My Message Center.”


Send Question: Get help with a question outside of live tutoring.

As an alternative to live tutoring, submit a question for a tutor to review and receive a response within 24 hours. 


SkillSurfer: Self-paced lessons and practice tests

Master academic skills with SkillSurfer’s library of instructional lessons, videos, and practice tests.


Flashbulb: Flashcard study


Create your own flashcards or draw from an extensive library of flashcards sets that you can transform into games, practice tests, study tables, and more.



Language Lab: Vocabulary builder in a variety of languages.

Expand your vocabulary and skills in a variety of languages through flashcards, practice tests, and more. 




LEAP: Customized study plans

Complete a test to create a personalized study plan to master content in specific topics.

eParachute: Personalized recommendations for career or academic paths


MEET:  Form online study groups


Easily schedule online study groups and meet with classmates or instructors in the Brainfuse Whiteboard.


Brainwave: Create and share dynamic content

Create movie-like notes (Brainwaves) by recording your activity on the Brainfuse Whiteboard. Brainwaves are ideal for studying or sharing concepts that involve multi-step processes.  



Account Features: Access your Brainfuse activity through easy-to-use account options.



My Past Sessions shows all of your past tutoring sessions so that you can replay the tutoring session after it has ended.


My Message Center contains all of your tutor responses to Writing Lab or Send Question submissions.


My Tests displays all of the practice tests taken. Tests can be reset from this page.  


My Calendar tracks any scheduled MEET sessions.


My Brainwaves contains your Brainwaves to view, edit, or share with others.


My CloudPack allows you to create or save files to easily upload onto the Whiteboard or Writing Lab.