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Copy a Task

You may duplicate the details of a task by using the Copy Task function.

If you would like to copy a task, simply click on an existing task from the Students Dashboard main page.


On the Student Status page, click on Copy Task.

All of the details that you have entered for the existing task will appear here. You may modify the information if you like.

Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.

On this page, you will be able to add your students to this task. Click on the Add button and a menu will appear.
First, select the class and a list of students will appear.

Click on a student’s name to add him/her to the task. A checkmark denotes that a student has been added.

To remove a student, hover your cursor over a student's name inside the Students box and click on the small X to the right of the name.

When you are finished adding students, click on Done in the bottom right corner. You will be brought back to the main dashboard page and your newly copied task will appear at the top of the task list.

When you have finished creating a new copied task, an e-mail is immediately sent out to all of the students added to the task. A direct link to the assignment and the instructions you have written will be provided in the e-mail.


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